by joolz and David Moreland


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If you’re enjoying The Advent Project with a child, we always recommend that you preview the artwork yourself first. But today might be a particularly good day to do that.

With the holidays come conversations: big ones, awkward ones… secret ones. As many of us go back into the world for the first holiday season that feels “normal”(?) in a long time, we wanted to capture those beautifully weird moments we overhear in public. Those one-sided, partial conversations we catch just enough of to get them caught in our heads like an earworm for the rest of the day (maybe longer) and make us think… “But what was that about?” In reality, we may never know how the stories of strangers end or how they even began, but we think these little mundane poems make up more of our lives than we give them credit for. So next time you’re out and about, take out your earbuds for a sec, indulge your inner voyeur, and tune in to the sound of the incomplete. 

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Map showing 2 minute walking route from Western Brown Line station to 4630-4600 North Lincoln Avenue in Chicago, IL.
Map showing 3 minute walking route from 4494-4460 North Lincoln Avenue to 4630-4600 North Lincoln Avenue in Chicago, IL.


Voiced by:
Ashleigh Edwards
James Whitson

joolz and David Moreland

Star-crossed nerds David and joolz are longtime friends, collaborators, and storytellers. When they aren’t playing D&D, you will likely find them… talking about playing D&D. If you’ve read this far and resisted the urge to track them down and shove them both into lockers, then you’ll probably enjoy their respective podcasts, or that’ll be the last straw. Check out David on Tell Me Where I Lose You and joolz on The Pod Has Been Cast.