Frequently Asked Questions

Calendar FAQs

When can I get a key to the calendar?

Okay, but what does it look like?

It looks a little different every year, because every piece of art is new! But in past years, some of it has looked like this:

Your key unlocks the calendar, which you access through this site. A brand-new piece of art will appear each day through the 24th. Make a donation at any point to get access to that day and all the previous days’ work.

Can I enjoy this with my kids?

Most of the artwork in the calendar is appropriate for all ages, if not necessarily angled towards them. We try to mark any clear exceptions with equally clear content warnings. But we do still recommend you check out each day’s art ahead of time, because you know your children very well and we most likely have never met them.

Will the calendar work on my phone/tablet/weird old browser?

The Advent Project works for sure on the most recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge, as well as current Safari on iPhone and Chrome on Android. It probably works other places too! But we can’t guarantee that—we’re not in charge of the internet.

Is the calendar centered on Christian themes?

We borrowed the Advent in our name (and the format!) with gratitude from the religious tradition. But The Advent Project itself isn’t associated with any one religion or holiday practice. Our artists come from a variety of backgrounds, and create art that reflects that.

What if I want to help in some other way?

You can help by promoting The Advent Project to your friends and acquaintances! But we’d also be delighted to hear from you if you have other ideas or support you want to offer, or if you are a fancy journalist or a friendly podcaster. Shoot us an email or find us on Instagram.

Purchase FAQs

How much does it cost?

For just $5, you get a key to access 24 days of content.

If you are moved by the spirit of whatever holiday you may or may not be celebrating, please consider donating more than $5. (Any donations not associated with a key purchase are tax deductible.)

How does payment work?

All payments are processed through Stripe. You can check out using a credit card, or Apple Pay if you have an iPhone or a Mac. After choosing how many keys you’d like and any additional donation you want to make, you’ll be redirected to Stripe to securely complete your transaction.

What if I have concerns about the cost?

If the $5 is needed elsewhere in your life, or you’re unable to use a credit card, or you work with a group whose members might benefit from free keys to the calendar, please email us at It’s important to us that everyone who wants to open the calendar is able to do so.

Where does my money go?

100% of the proceeds from this year’s calendar go to Midwest Access Coalition and their work to help provide access to free, legal abortions. All artists and organizers are donating their time to this cause.

Is this tax deductible?

In some cases! Though all the money goes to the same place, key purchases are not tax deductible but any additional donation you make during checkout is tax deductible. Your receipt will reflect what portion (if any) of your contribution is tax deductible.

Can I gift a key to someone else?

Sure! We may be biased, but we think this makes a great gift. (And a great daily tradition to enjoy and discuss with friends and family!) You can get additional calendar keys here. Each gift recipient will receive their key automatically via email.

General FAQs

Where did The Advent Project come from?

We created it in 2019 because we like a lot of different things and a lot of different artists and we wanted something nice to open together in December, a time that can be magical for some of us and difficult for others. And we found that many artists were like us, that they wanted to donate their poems and films and stop-motion and puzzles and songs and jokes to raise money for a good cause and help all of us feel a little less alone.

Who made this site?

Austin HellerProducer, Designer, Developer
Jessy Lauren SmithProducer, Artwork Editor
Steve TartaglioneProducer, Artwork Editor
Kasey WaasProducer, Artwork Editor
Jonathan BaudeArtwork Editor
Rose LewisArtwork Editor
Gretchen NeidhardtArtwork Editor
Tim JacquesDesigner
Miko KotekDeveloper

Icons are courtesy of The Noun Project.

Other questions?

Contact us at