Nothing Ever Ends

by Nancy Bates Dapkiewicz and Sam Brelsfoard


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Dedicated to Andy Devlin, whose star burns ever bright

Visual Description

A small red cabin with a chimney poking out of its yellow roof sits in a clearing of fir trees. The ground is blanketed in snow. The stars in the night sky begin to fall like snowflakes until they too blanket the ground. A string of the same tiny, twinkling stars begins to curl out of the cabin’s chimney, rising and scattering themselves to again fill the sky and twinkle in the treetops.

Nancy Bates Dapkiewicz (concept and visuals)

Nancy Bates Dapkiewicz has been cutting and pasting things as far back as she can remember. She loves books and stationery supplies, and stubbornly double-spacing after a period. She’s recently found herself warming up to the color orange.

Sam Brelsfoard (music and editing)

Sam Brelsfoard is an audio/visual artist who splits his time between Maine and Massachusetts, USA. He is a painter and musician, and also sometimes makes videos. He has released music under his own name as well as under the moniker Soplerfo.