A Frosty Crostic

by Jonathan Baude


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How to solve an acrostic puzzle:

Try to solve each clue and enter the answer into the spaces provided. Letters will automatically appear in their corresponding square in the puzzle grid. As you enter more letters, you’ll start to spell out a quote. When you’re finished, the first letter of each answer, taken in order, will spell out the author and source of the quote.

Solving tip:

You’ll need to start by solving the clues—but as the quote begins to fill in, see if you can guess what words are getting spelled out there. Filling in parts of the quote will make letters appear in the clue answers, so you can work back and forth between the two sections.

This puzzle is best played on a computer or tablet.


Interactive design by Austin Heller.

Puzzle development made possible by the tools of Fred Henle.

Jonathan Baude

Jonathan Baude is a writer whose quizzes and puzzles have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, LearnedLeague, and Bloom Magazine—and bolted to the side of the Little Free Library in front of his old Chicago apartment. He now lives in northern Michigan with his wife, his dog, and an expansive soup collection.